Riff & I.  Photography by  Liz Caruana Photo.

Riff & I.

Photography by Liz Caruana Photo.


Pursuit of her passion

Alicia Rius is a Spanish photographer born in a small town in Catalonia on the North East portion of Spain. As a teenager, Alicia was influenced by her father and aunt, both avid photographers. She would often find herself watching her father develop film in his darkroom and along the way became influenced by the beautiful images she saw created. Being a creative person, Alicia was also drawn to the world of advertising while growing up and decided to major in that during college.

However the photo bug never left Alicia and she began to explore both analog and digital photography while studying in Barcelona. In her free time, and while working in advertising, she continued her interest in learning more about photography until deciding to make her childhood passion a realization.

In just three short years, Alicia developed into an award winning photographer. Her innate natural abilities and eye for beauty found its muse with the camera. In 2011 she was awarded  “Young Photographer of 2011” in Spain for her work “Abandoned Places”, a collection of photographs of derelict places found around Europe. The run-down, left behind relics of days gone became a palette of ideas, colors, visions. As she explained; “My aim was to rescue these forgotten buildings and structures from the dust and show their beauty and sublime magnificence; a beauty as fragile as the silence that surrounds them.”

Since 2009, Alicia’s body of work has been in exhibit in more than 45 galleries around Europe and the United States, and has been published in more than a hundred blogs and online magazines all over the world. Her work has been seen in local and national TV in Spain and France, and her work has been featured in various publications, magazines and photography books.

Currently, Alicia is now represented by 5 galleries in Europe (Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Brignais and Amsterdam).

From the backseat of my car, by  Alicia Rius Photography .

From the backseat of my car, by Alicia Rius Photography.

Love of animals

Alicia’s passion for animals goes beyond her interest in professionally photographing them. In her early twenties Alicia donated her free time to an animal shelter in her hometown.  She began taking photos of the dogs and posted them online to help find them a new home. The response was huge. Based on that experience, she continued to help other dogs in need of finding new homes with based upon her photographic talents.   

About a year following this time in her life, she enrolled at the Instructor-trainer of Royal Canine Society of Spain, RSCE,  where she went onto train dogs for the French Police department for rescue and drug “uncover” missions.


Giving Back

Alicia believes in giving back to the universe. As such, she generously donates her time and talents to different local shelters both in Los Angeles and San Francisco.
Here are the shelters she works with.


Riff I I.  Photography by  Liz Caruana Photo.

Riff I I.

Photography by Liz Caruana Photo.


Alicia is recently married and is the proud mommy of Riff her 1 year old rescued Chihuahua mix. Her and her husband divides time between Los Angeles and Barcelona, where she also maintains her original photography studio.

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