Capturing a puppy's personality in the most iconic corners of the Santa Monica Pier

Lady's mom always dreamed of having a cream Golden Retriever. After waiting a few years, her dream came true, and Lady came home.

Lady is just four months old, and Erika wanted to capture her in some iconic places in Santa Monica. I suggested the Santa Monica Pier. The bright colors, its vibrancy, and the fun look of the area was the perfect scenario for Lady's portraits.

Here's Erika's Yelp review after she saw the gallery.

“DO NOT HESITATE, JUST BOOK HER!! You would really want to frame every picture Alicia takes! (…) Alicia's response was always quick and accurate. (…) Alicia knew the areas very well and she directed us and instructed how to pose very efficiently. Our puppy was not super cooperative but Alicia is very good at getting attention! We sent some reference photos for ideas before the photo shoot and Alicia covered them all. Overall, our experience of working with Alicia was beyond our expectations and we cannot be happier with the outcome (we LOVE her editing). We definitely come back and book her again when our puppy is bigger!”

The session went perfect, and all of us had a great time. Here are my favorite photos from the day.



Capturing a 14 year-old relationship

Carina reached to me because she wanted to capture his Jack Russell’s personality, a 14 year-old dog that has been with her since she went to college. It’s been her lifetime companion and she wanted to immortalize their bond now that he still was full of life.


Beautiful outdoor dog photography session at Mandeville Canyon


Beautiful outdoor dog photography session at Mandeville Canyon

This past weekend I had the pleasure to photograph this beautiful family of 4. CG (the small dog) is 16 years old and has suffered kidney disease for the past two years. To celebrate a lifetime with her, they wanted Frame Your Pet Photography to capture their spirit and bond.

Here are the best photos from that day.

Click on the image for full screen.

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Lifestyle & Studio Dog Photography Session with a Pitbull and a Terrier Mix

Let me introduce you to Morty & Buddy. 
Morty & Buddy were both rescued from a pawn, and despite some people thinking that mutts and abandoned dogs aren't good enough, this wasn't the case. Morty & Buddy's parents have always admired their pet's beauty and they wanted to celebrate the love for their dogs with a studio and lifestyle photography session at their home. The idea was to turn their pet's portraits in art pieces.



Holidays Photos with your family & pets!

We know the holidays are the perfect time for the family to come together and celebrate all the seasonal events. It's also the time to get those photos taken to share our holidays wishes with the ones we love. That's why, every year, I hold my Holidays MINI Sessions! 
This year I had the pleasure to meet this lovely couple and their dog Maverick. 
Here are my favorites photos from the session. 

Which one is your favorite? Comment below!



Engagement photography session with the help of your dog!

Do you want to propose to your girlfriend or boyfriend? Do you want to be original? Do you like challenges? Then do what Jason did! He surprised his girlfriend during a Holidays Session by proposing to her with the help of his dog Simba. 

The moment was magical, full of love and very unique! Here are my favorites photos from the session.

Click on the image for fullscreen.




In my animal photography business, I am very thorough in meeting the needs of every advertising agency and individual involved, including the pets. My profession illustrates my passion and what I do, as well as my love for each participatory domestic animal. I feel it is my responsibility as a commercial dog photographer to treat not only every client with great respect, but the animal as well.

Before I begin working with a client or advertising agency, I present them with an estimate for the cost of the entire production, whether it is featuring animals or personal pets. This estimate invariably includes an animal handler as well as back-up dogs or cats to ensure the session goes as smoothly as possible.

Oftentimes, the client prefers using real owners and their own pets to accurately portray the bonding relationship they have. With the familiarity of one another, it may be assumed that the animal and owner will understand each other and production will go smoothly. With this assumption, the advertising agency or client would rather do without the professional animal wrangler and back-up dogs or cats, as he feels both are unnecessary.

Behind the scenes for a National Pet Food Brand. The animal handler is keeping the cat calmed and making sure he is fine.

For many clients, these “extras” are simply not a top priority; many of the clients feel certain that everything will work seamlessly without the professional on set.  However, there are several significant reasons on why an animal handler and back-up dogs and cats are crucial to the success of the shoot.

One reason for this is the practicality and cost-effectiveness of this valuable addition to the production crew. For instance, the real owner, along with the animal, eventually discovers that being in front of a production crew in an environment that is unfamiliar to the pet can be quite intimidating. The owner and the animal may begin to feel unsettled and stressed as they both attempt to be a part of the perfect shot while on a production set with bright lights, unfamiliar noises, and several people.

Repetitions occur quite often in order to get the precise photograph in which the client envisioned. Without the animal wrangler, these repetitions may come at an additional cost for the client, as we must spend more time to get it just right. It is my responsibility to deliver exactly what each client wants, but with many repetitions the animal may become restless and anxious; he also may not be as cooperative as everyone would like. This is where the dog wrangler comes into play. This professional understands how to keep an animal calm and how to refocus the animal on the task at hand.


Another reason is that the hired animal handler plays a profound role in any photography or commercial session. He is trained to know precisely when to reward the animal with positive reinforcement and is very knowledgeable in the area of animal body language. The animal handler keeps a watchful eye on the dog or cat and is able to intervene if the animal becomes stressed, bored, or begins to exhibit undesirable behavior.

There are also times where the client wants the animal to do something different after many repetitive shots. Cue the dog handler, who can help the client achieve what he wants in terms of a different type of pose or action from the dog or cat. If it is not successful, the animal handler is able to use the qualified backup animal in which he is familiar with to get that perfect shot. This is an additional benefit of this needed professional.

When I am hired to work with an animal owner and the animal, I have a dedication and responsibility to be the best dog photographer I can be. In order for me to deliver amazing results, I can only focus on the photography aspect of the shoot. This is another reason why an animal handler is so very significant in making the session successful; this professional is able to keep a watchful eye over the animal at all times.


Throughout my years as a dog photographer in Los Angeles, I have come to realize that the animal handler and backup animals should never be underestimated. To me, having the wrangler and the extra animals on the set is essential. Being a commercial animal photographer, I believe the time spent in producing the commercials should be enjoyable for everyone involved. When the needs of the animal are put first and foremost, the experience can be not only enjoyable, but fun as well.



Lifestyle Cat Photography Session in Marina del Rey

Most of my clients contact me to photograph their dogs. So when a client calls me because they want me to be their cat photographer, I'm beyond thrilled!

This time I had the pleasure to meet Gizmo, a cat with an outshining personality. Some cats are shy in front of a camera but Gizmo was super outgoing and playful. He was also a very obedient cat that knew some basic commands (this was great to make him stay still!).

Here are the best photos from the cat photo session!


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Fun lifestyle outdoor dog photography session

Dog and cat owners know how happy our animals make us; and more and more families want to treasure these moments forever.
This was the case of Akira's family, who wanted to schedule a dog photography session with me now that Akira, their beautiful white German Shepherd, was still young.  
During our consultation we put together a list of "must have" photos that would show Akira's dog personality. In the list we had:

  • Dog fetching
  • Dog catching a ball
  • Dog swimming
  • Family portrait
  • Lifestyle photos
  • Dog portraits 

Akira was so playful and social that it was super easy to get the right shots. And as always, an active participation from the owners helps to make the session a success.

Here are my favorite photos from the day!

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In home pet photography session

When I met Sooki and Chelito I could tell instantly why their mom was so proud of them. They are a bundle of joy and they are inseparable. 
The session took place at their home in Los Angeles. Vickie wanted to me to capture their dog's personalities at home, where they feel most comfortable. With just a few dog treats and a good squeaker, I earned their confidence.

It was lovely to photograph them and the dog portraits turned out amazing! 
Here are the best shots from the day.









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Fun outdoor dog photography session

Most people think you need a lot to get great pet photos of your dogs. But the truth is, you just need a couple of fun dogs and a camera to get amazing dog portraits!

This was the case with Leo & Lucy, another dog couple I had the pleasure to photograph at their home in Los Angeles.
With just the camera, a tennis ball and the participation of their owner, we had a great photoshoot! Look at the photos! Aren't they cute?


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Lifestyle and Fine Art Dog Photography Session at Vasquez Rocks

Nikki and Joey reached out to me to inquire about a Rainbow Session for their Doberman, Dakota. They had just received the news that Dakota had been diagnosed with liver disease, and they wanted to hire a dog photographer to capture her vibrant spirit with a lifestyle and fine art dog photography session.



Dog Photography for Every Kind of Dog

Rachel's boyfriend, Cory, knew how much she loved their Labradane (Labrador mix with Great Dane), Bruiser, so he surprised her with a Frame Your Pet gift certificate. Rachel is crazy about Bruiser and was so excited to schedule a pet photography session. While Rachel has a lot of iPhone photos of Bruiser—he even has his own Instagram account!—she didn't have any professional dog portraits of her best friend. 

Bruiser came into Rachel and Cory's lives in an unexpected way. Rachel had been wanting a dog for a long time and was reviewing local animal shelter adoption listings when Bruiser showed up on Cory's doorstep the next morning. From that day on, Bruiser was part of the family.

In the past, Rachel had been hesitant to hire a pet photographer because Bruiser is not very obedient off-leash. During my dog photography consultation with the couple, they expressed these concerns to me, so I made sure to find a Los Angeles location that would be safe for Bruiser, and Rachel and Cory would feel comfortable with him off-leash.

I decided on Charmlee Wilderness Park, which is a dog-friendly park on the coastal bluffs of Malibu. Live oak tree lined trails, spacious grassy meadows, and rocky ocean overlooks, Charmlee was the perfect spot for Rachel, Cory, and Bruiser—and not to mention a dog photographer's dream location!

The deep connection between Rachel and Bruiser was evident before I even pulled out my camera. Bruiser enjoyed exploring new terrain, romping through fields, and sharing a few tender moments with his family. We ended the dog photography session at sunset on the rocky bluffs overlooking the ocean. Worn out from all activity that day, Bruiser relaxed on the rocks, content to sit with Rachel as the sun slipped below the horizon.

Here are the best photos from our day in Malibu:



Easter Sessions at Healthy Spot

Healthy Spot contacted me about hosting a holiday photo shoot for their clients in Long Beach and Santa Monica, and I was thrilled to plan an Easter/Spring dog photo booth.

The challenge of creating a dog photo booth is that it needs to be "dog-proofed." Dog-proofing essentially means that the props must be unbreakable and safe and the set must be easy to clean and reset in case of accidents. In addition, the set can't be too busy; the dog needs to be the main character so choosing the right style and amount of props is key.

After the set has been conceptualized and built, the clients begin to arrive for dog photography sessions, and the real fun starts! It's always exciting to see what different dog breeds and personalities I'll be shooting each day. I had the pleasure of meeting Weimaraners, Toy Poodles, Schnauzers, Pugs, Chihuahuas, Mastiffs, Dachshunds, Jack Russell Terriers, Golden Retrievers, and many mixes in between. 

When working with dogs in such short periods time for dog photo booth sessions (15 minutes per dog), I try to project a sense of calm throughout each session. Dogs are often excited to explore and tend to be restless when asked to sit in a dog photo booth at a pet store like Healthy Spot, but I've captured adorable photos of even the most rambunctious puppy.

In one session, I worked with a dog that was blind and deaf, so I had to use his sense of smell only to instruct him where to sit and stay. Whether a dog is blind, deaf, both, or neither, I am able to quickly determine what motivates each dog and incorporate treats, dog toys, sounds, or even the dog's owner into the session in order to capture an excited dog's attention.

Here are a few photos from the Easter/Spring dog photo booths at Healthy Spot in Santa Monica and Long Beach:

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Outdoor dog photography in Barcelona

Oriol—a long time friend of my husband—wanted to surprise his wife Marta with a unique gift for Christmas, so he purchased a Frame Your Pet gift certificate for her. Since I was in Barcelona for the holidays, we set a date for the pet photography shoot in their hometown of L'Ametlla del Valles.

Oriol and Marta have an eight year old French Bulldog named Lord. They wanted to capture his playful and outgoing personality, so we decided to do an outdoor family session at a beautiful field outside of town. However, since Lord is a bulldog, he's anything but athletic, and it took some creativity to keep him moving without tiring him out.

The warm, winter light of the afternoon cast a golden glow on Lord and his family as they romped in the bright green grass during the dog photography session. The large field provided the perfect location for the family to interact naturally with each other and for me to capture some tender moments.

It was entertaining to watch Lord interact with his owners throughout their family portraits. When Oriol grabs Marta, Lord starts jumping and twisting in the air, gallantly trying to rescue his mom. He also enjoys playing fetch and tried to snatch the stick out of his dad's hands. 

As the afternoon drew to a close, we headed up to the mountains to watch the sunset and admire the beautifully illuminated landscapes below. I knew that Oriol and Marta also wanted some fine art portraits of Lord to hang in their home, so I made sure to choose the best location to get the right artistic portraits for them. In additional to their lifestyle pet photography session, I took some clean and artistic dog portraits of Lord that would serve as timeless keepsakes of their first dog together for many years to come.

Here are the best photos from the session.




Roxy's Remedies is a USA-based company that designs and formulates skin care products specifically for dogs with sensitive skin. Roxy's Remedies was created after Roxy underwent a surgery that caused her to develop severe skin allergies.

Before the photoshoot, I knew there were going to be challenges when working with a senior dog like Roxy, a 12 year old Australian Cattle Dog who is partially deaf and suffers from arthritis. 

My first obstacle was to design a session that was not only safe for Roxy but also met the client's expectations. As the face of the brand, Roxy was expected to participate in a ten hour day that included both photography stills and filming at two locations. I made sure to secure locations within walking distance—or carrying distance, in Roxy's case—where she would be safe and comfortable but would also allow me to capture the beautiful, local scenery.

My second obstacle was working with Roxy during the photoshoot. Due to her partial deafness, she has a hard time following commands, so I had to get creative with both my shots and my interactions with her throughout the day.

In addition, Roxy's arthritis prevents her from walking or standing for long periods of time and can cause her occasional body pain. However, I was still able to plan unique shots that captured Roxy's playful and happy spirit without compromising her comfortability. 

At the end of the day, Roxy did an amazing job, and we couldn't be more pleased with the results.

Here are my favorite shots from the day.

The commercial

Client: Roxy's Remedies
Stills: Alicia Rius Photography
Video: Jilian Martin  
Dog model: Roxy
Human model: Olivia San Filippo, Marianne Cronin.

Behind the scenes

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Pet photography to capture your dog's true personality.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Julia, a lively Chihuahua mix, through a referral from one of my former pet photography clients. Unfortunately, Julia suffers from congestive heart failure and other heart-related problems, so her parents were eager to find a pet photographer to capture some special moments with their senior dog.

We decided to take Julia to Echo Park for a lifestyle dog photography session near her home. Beautiful blue skies and the Los Angeles skyline provided stunning backdrops for photos of Julia cuddling with her family. It is clear that Julia has developed a strong bond with her family over the past three years since she was adopted from North Central Animal Shelter.

Julia was active and adventurous throughout the pet photography session. She especially liked playing in the grass and leaves at Echo Park, although she did spend some time soaring through the air and climbing on trees (with her dad safely close by, of course)! It was inspiring to see Julia smiling and enjoying herself throughout the shoot.

As the sun began to set, the golden sunlight shining through the trees provided the opportunity to capture Julia and her owners basking in the warm rays. Julia was more than happy to curl up in her mom's lap and enjoy some well-deserved ear scratches.

I had a fun time meeting and photographing such a spirited senior dog like Julia!

Here are the best photos from the session.

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Dog photography sessions for senior dogs, the best way to remember them.

Two days before I left for Barcelona for the holidays, Kimberly contacted me, and I could tell she was very anxious. She had just found out that her senior dog Roshi—a 12-year-old deaf and blind Italian Greyhound with an adorable overbite—needed dental surgery immediately. Her pup was about to lose his charming overbite smile that characterized him, and she wanted to schedule a session right away.


Despite the studio being closed, I found time in between packing and final deliveries to photograph Roshi. I knew how important it was for Kimberly to have photos of her best friend the way he was, and I wanted her to have those photos to treasure forever.

The first hour of the dog photo shoot took place in her beautiful home in Malibu. With Christmas decorations everywhere, I was filled with joy. Then, we went to a winery but not just any winery; the one Kimberly takes Roshi to every week for doggie play dates! It's a location that means a lot to her and Roshi, and she wanted a dog photographer to capture their lifestyle together.


Despite the challenges of working with a dog that can't see or hear, Roshi and I made a great team, and the final photos turned out to be as beautiful as they were silly.

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Dog Photography Gift Certificates for modern dog owners.

Greetings from Barcelona, Spain!

Before I left for the holidays, I met these two sweet little girls: Fiona and Hazel. Fiona is a 6 year old Jack Russell-Chihuahua mix, and Hazel, the latest addition to their fur family, is a 10 month old Yorkie mix. Hazel's story is quite interesting because she came to the family through the well-known TV show Lucky Dog.

When they contacted me, they shared what they had in mind. They wanted modern dog photography that they could use as art to decorate the bare walls in their home. As an experienced pet photographer, I knew exactly how to approach the session in order to get the right shots for them.

We started with some lifestyle dog photography in the yard to tire out Hazel and Fiona. After an hour of crazy fetching, jumping, and running, we went into the house for the family portraits. 

Here's a selection of the best dog and family portraits from the day. I hope you enjoy them!

Click on the photo for fullscreen.

If you are looking to surprise your beloved one, check out my Packages and Gift Certificates

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Dog photography session at Santa Monica Pier

Meet Mochi, the cappuccino French Bulldog with the biggest personality ever.
I met Mochi one year ago during the Holidays Photo Sessions at Healthy Spot Santa Monica. This year, her mom Kristi got a 2h dog photography session Gift Certificate for her birthday. And what a better way to celebrate it than with your unconditional friend?

During the consultation, Kristi told me that they love to go for walks on the beach and stroll down Santa Monica Pier. This is a meaningful location to them and they wanted to have their session there.

We went early in the morning to avoid people. The best thing about the Pier are the colors and the textures. It gave me lots to play with to create stunning dog portraits of Mochi the Frenchi.


Here are the best photos from the session. 



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