Fall is my favourite season. It’s that time of the year where the temperature and the light is just perfect. It’s also time for red leafs, nuts, beautiful sunsets and cozy afternoons at home with a thick blanket.

But leaving in L.A, there’s no chilli days, the light is super harsh and definitely, no red leafs at all! So when I had the chance to go back to my dear city of San Francisco for a few sessions I was thrilled! 

One of the sessions I did was for this buddy: Gunner, an 8 year old rescued yellow lab. 


For my sessions I always like to look for a unique location for each of my dogs. Looking at Gunner I knew I wanted something that could match his color and his warm and playful personality. I found that a dog photography session in Header’s Park (Walnut Creek) was perfect for him. We met early in the morning to catch the sun’s gentle light and to avoid too much human/dog traffic.


The Gift Certificate session was for 45 minutes but the the first 30 Gunner spent them just running like crazy chasing ducks and sniffing every single corner of the park. Despite being 8 years old and a bit overweighted, he was fast enough to escape from me and my camera. He definitely was having a blast and I didn’t want to stop him.


When you do a session with Frame Your Pet, I really take the time to capture your dog’s personality and some dogs just need more time to relax. Also, a dog photography session is a life-time experience and it needs to be fun for both pets and humans and rushing people is not the best approach. 



I knew that Gunner needed some extra time and this is what I gave him. 
After a while, he was super happy and relaxed, giving me these beautiful dog portraits.


Here are the best photos from the session!

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Happy Holidays!



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