Recently I had the pleasure of working with Cooper. Cooper is a 9-week old Golden Retriever that is full of life and was a joy to take pictures of.
Cooper’s owner, Michelle, found me when she was looking for a dog photographer near Santa Monica that could capture the joyful personality of her pup while he was still a baby. Puppies are fun to take pictures of because they are full of energy, but that can also make the hard to keep still for a picture. You need a lot of patience, tons of treats and be in good shape, because they make you run all over the place!

We did some of Cooper’s photo shoot at Kenneth Hahn Park in Santa Monica. In public places Cooper was very sweet with me. He curled up to me and gave me gentle licks. Once we got Cooper home he was another dog entirely. He was super hyper. We had to use food to motivate Cooper and get the pictures we wanted.

Getting pictures of Cooper while he is still young and playful was important to Cooper’s owner. It is similar to parents that want to get a photo shoot done of their newborn baby. When you get a puppy photo shoot done you get to capture that innocence and pure unconditional love they have when they are still little and learning about the world.

Now, look at the pictures and tell me, isn't he adorable? 

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