For the last 2 weeks I've been super busy promoting my latest work about Sphynx Cats; a project that explores the beauty of hairless cats within their oddity.

The reaction regarding my work has been quite interesting. People mainly loves them or hates them. But I have to say I love every single fold of these creatures. They are stoic, elegant, eerie... 


This project is still on going but I want to thank you all the people who has participated in making it possible, like all the Sphynx cat owners who donated their time so I could photograph their beloved pets.

The photos has been quite an online success! Here are some of the selected publications I feel proud of:

  • Bored Panda was the first to publish them. After 1 day online, photos were shared more than 5.000 times and reached 70.000 likes.
  • Petapixel, Huffington Post, Feature Shoot and Design Taxi, also featured my cat photography work made in Los Angeles.
  • One week later, The Verge, interviewed me regarding this fine art photography to later publish it in their website. 
  • Printed magazines like Cosmopolitan, Metro and Your Cat Magazine also felt in love with the beauty of Sphynx Cats and decided that the world had to know more about this rare breed.

I couldn't ask for more! But this project is far to be finished. In fact, I have some baby kitten Sphynx waiting to be photographed. I'm so excited!

Here some of my favorites images. But you can see the rest of my work here.


If you live in L.A and have a Sphynx cat and you'd like to participate in this project, contact me to arrange your session.




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