Two days before I left for Barcelona for the holidays, Kimberly contacted me, and I could tell she was very anxious. She had just found out that her senior dog Roshi—a 12-year-old deaf and blind Italian Greyhound with an adorable overbite—needed dental surgery immediately. Her pup was about to lose his charming overbite smile that characterized him, and she wanted to schedule a session right away.


Despite the studio being closed, I found time in between packing and final deliveries to photograph Roshi. I knew how important it was for Kimberly to have photos of her best friend the way he was, and I wanted her to have those photos to treasure forever.

The first hour of the dog photo shoot took place in her beautiful home in Malibu. With Christmas decorations everywhere, I was filled with joy. Then, we went to a winery but not just any winery; the one Kimberly takes Roshi to every week for doggie play dates! It's a location that means a lot to her and Roshi, and she wanted a dog photographer to capture their lifestyle together.


Despite the challenges of working with a dog that can't see or hear, Roshi and I made a great team, and the final photos turned out to be as beautiful as they were silly.

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