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Why you need professional photography for your business

Just like your business has its niche, every photographer has theirs and it is incredibly important that you choose the right photographer to fit your company’s needs.

The photos for your website or print materials communicate who you are and even your core values as a business.  It is human nature to look first, read later, so you need your photos to tell your story, engage people, and get them to read further.

Your photos need to communicate your message quickly; a glance, your photos need to convey two key things:

  1. what you do and
  2. how you do it.

How do you do that? By choosing the right photographer.

Not all photographers are created equal.  Different situations require different skills, lighting, and even equipment. Whether it’s business photography, corporate photos, or a pet photographer, choosing the right one will make all the difference in the world.

For example, hiring a pet photographer to take your newborn photos and vice versa may leave you very disappointed.  A newborn photographer understands how to capture the accidental grins and how to edit out baby acne while a dog photographer understands how dogs work and knows how to communicate with the trainers to get complex shots. A photographer needs to understand the nature of your business so they can help you get the right poses and the right shots, the first time.

Let's take a look at the photos below. 

Click on the photo for fullscreen.


These photos were commissioned to a professional photographer specialized in fitness photography. The photos were for the the Bay Area K9 Association, a dog training company in San Francisco.

Here are some the issues:

  • Lack of style consistency (some photos are bright, other too dark, some were taken with flash, others without...)
  • Bad choice of location (busy backgrounds: cars, people running...)
  • Bad post production (no brightness/contrast adjustments, no distractions removed...)
  • Bad composition (head of dog cut, people too close to the margins...)

Marie Aymard, one of the owners and dog trainers at K9, and I, worked together in the past. She reached out to me asking for help. She was disappointed with the photos she got and asked me to re-do everything for them.
We had different meetings, we put together a briefing, a mood board and decided on the list of shoots we wanted. 

Below are some of the photos from the session. What can we see?

Click on the photo for fullscreen.

  • Consistency in style
  • Strong composition
  • Further retouch on post-production (removing people, objects, patching the grass, enhance of dog's coat...)


A good fit is a photographer who not only has a passion for what they do, but a passion for what they do specifically.  Here, my passion is animals and everything about them.  If you have a pet-related business, whether it’s a pet boutique, dog training facility, or grooming company, and you need photos for your website or marketing materials, look no further.  Contact me today at to schedule a consultation.  I’d love to hear your story and help you communicate it!

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