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As humans, there are very few of us who aren’t constantly attached to our favorite piece of technology.  Our iPhones, our iPods, our FitBits and BlueTooth devices are constantly in use. Technology though, isn’t just for humans any more.  There is tons of wearable technology out there for our pets.  Yes, you read that right, our pets.  
This is a far-from-comprehensive list of some of the top tech tools out there for your dog.  


1.    Whistle

Whistle is one of my favorite doggie tech products out there. It functions a lot like the FitBit does for a human by tracking your dog’s activity 24/7. It allows you to download your dog’s activity information and compare it to other dogs and breed norms in certain areas.

I like that it is tiny and clips to your dog’s collar, it’s waterproof, and she’ll barely even notice it’s there.  It provides tons of cool and useful information.

Whistle retails for around $129 and you can purchase it here.



2.    Fit Bark

Fit bark is a mobile wearable activity monitor for your dog.  It clips on your dog’s collar and you can monitor her activity via smartphone app.
I like it because it helps you take better care of your dog in getting them the exercise they need.

You can learn more and pre-order FitBark here.



3.    Pet ReMote

The Pet ReMote is a wearable mobile training device that allows you to train your pet from your smartphone. A small device attaches to your dog’s collar and you are able to control the device from a smartphone app using BlueTooth. The device uses acoustic or vibration to correct behaviour, never shock.

I like it because it simplifies training and doesn’t add any additional gadgets for me, the human, since I already use my smartphone all the time.

You can purchase it here for about $30.


4.    Tagg

This is a hybrid GPS/pet-tracker.  It not only tracks your pets whereabouts, but also logs activity data for your pal. This awesome little gadget that clips on to your dog’s collar will send text messages to your phone if your dog ends up outside of the pre-set zone you set up so you can always be one step ahead of your dog.

I like this device because it lets you know when the battery is low by also sending you a text message.  This way, you can rest assured knowing the batteries are good to go incase your dog decides he’s good to go!

Purchase Tagg here for $99.95.


5.    PetHub

PetHub is a dog ID that has gotten a dose of smart.  There is a QR code on the back of the tag that when scanned reveals all pertinent owner information so your pet can be returned safe and sound.  PetHub also sends you a notification when the QR code is scanned so you will know right away if your dog has been found.

My favorite thing about PetHub is that is also lets you embed any necessary medical information into the QR code as well. If you have a diabetic dog or a dog with severe allergies and you can’t be reached right away, this allows your dog to receive the care it needs in the interim.

PetHub tags start at just $9.95 and can be purchased here.


Which wearable tool is right for your dog? Let’s compare!

If you are a pet lover you know how precious our little furry friends are. So go share this article on your Facebook so all other dog lovers can find the right device for their pet!

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