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Pet Boutique in Castro, San Francisco.


For people looking for "that little extra special thing”.


What Makes Best in Show Unique?

Their focus is a boutique-client. Opposed to a chain type of store, they are very client-pet orientated. They are one of the best in customer service that I’ve come across so far.

Being a business owner myself, I know how important good customer service is in order to succeed, and as a client, I value being treated with respect and care.

Customer service is not only about being friendly and smiling all the time. It’s about guidance. Unfortunately, these MUST have premises are not always there. That’s why when I met Richard and George (co-owners of Best in Show), I knew I was in the right store for my pet.


The staff is friendly, but what impressed me the most was their deep product knowledge. They know what they sell. They are the EXPERTS. Challenge them! Pick up a product and they will tell you everything you want to know about it. You want to know which squeaker toy can survive your pit bull’s jaw? They will tell you. You want to find a gluten and sugar free treat for your dog? They will show you a variety of them. You want to buy a leather hand-made collar? They will help you to find the right one.



Dogs Are the New Kids


Despite the fact that BiS is in the heart of the Castro, the clientele comes in all shapes and forms. As Richard mentioned when I spoke to him, “the customer who shops here is the customer who is a super passionate pet owner. They love and treat their pet as a family member”. Some of the store’s best-selling products even feature the slogan, “Dogs Are the New Kids.”



And I can testify to that. At BS, they are as passionate about pets as you are. This passion for animals inspired them to create their own line of products for dogs, cats, and their humans – BiS DOG - with some hilarious /funny/original slogans like “Dogs are the new kids”, “Grrr”, “Sleep with dogs”. The products range from beautiful ball caps and t-shirts, Bony Babies dog toys, and human t-shirts to very functional totes, mugs, and their exclusive Hand Pup-Pet squeaky dog toys.

They are also the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of Barkology for BiS DOG, and you can buy their products through their website. Oh! And they wholesale too!


All of their products are very unique, functional, and high quality. So I wasn’t surprised when Richard told me that people from all over the world buy from Best in Show. Tourists from both the US and abroad will stop at the store to buy a souvenir for their dog or cat. They have a large assortment of toys made especially for travelers: from the squeaker call train plush toy to the rainbow donut. I tell you, your dog will be the coolest one at the park with these San Franciscan toys.



But be warned! Go there with time to spare because this is one of those stores that you’ll need time to decide what to buy as you’ll want everything!


If you need some help, here is a list of the Best in Show best sellers:

  1. Barkology human accessories (t-shirt, bags, caps, etc.)
  2. Squeeky hand puppets (for both dogs and cats)
  3. The pet apparel collection
Barkology Human Accessories

Barkology Human Accessories

Squeeky hand puppets for both dogs and cats.

Squeeky hand puppets for both dogs and cats.

The pet appereal collection.

The pet appereal collection.

If you are looking to buy local and MADE IN THE US products that are also unique and functional, stop looking around. Best in Show is your pet boutique. Go once, go forever.


You Can Find More About Best in Show Here:


Besides Best in Show’s presence online, they also participate in as many events as they can, especially when it comes to fundraisers to help those pets who are more in need.

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