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Frequently Asked Questions: 

  1. How far will you travel for sessions?
  2. Do you photograph pets other than dogs?
  3. I have more than two pets, can I have them all photographed?
  4. Where does the session take place?
  5. Can I be in the photos too?
  6. How do I prepare for the session?
  7. What if the weather is bad on the day?
  8. My dog has to be on leash at all times but I don't want to see the leash or myself in the photos. What can we do?
  9. What’s the difference between Fine Art Sessions and the other sessions?
  10. What's the model release for?
  11. How do I book?
  12. What's the cancellation policy?


Q: How far will you travel for sessions?

A: I'm based in Santa Monica (Los Angeles County) and will travel up to 15 miles one way at no extra charge. If you’re further than 15 miles away, please call me to discuss at 415-832-0710 for a quote before you book. I also serve San Francisco (California) and Barcelona (Spain).  


Q: Do you photograph pets other than dogs?

A: Absolutely. The majority of my clients are dogs but I'm getting more and more inquires to photograph cats and horses.  If you are the proud owner of a rabbit or an exotic animal, I'll be more than happy to work with you too.


Q: I have more than two pets, can I have them all photographed?

A: Once there are more than two pets, it increases the challenges of capturing the right moment as well as keeping things from getting chaotic. If you have more than 2 pets, please add $25 to the session price to allow for the extra shooting and editing time. I don't have a limit on the number of pets, but if you have four or more pets you'd liked to be photographed, please contact me and I'll provide a customized quote for you.


Q: Where does the session take place?

A: The 30 minutes sessions take place within the zip code of Santa Monica (90404). For the rest of packages I can go anywhere you want. However, this is something we'll discuss during your consultations. But depending your your pet's breed, age and energy we we'll choose something that works for him or her.
For cats, it all takes place at home most of the time. However, I've encountered owners with cats that like to go out for a walk. If this is your preference, I'd be more than happy to photograph him/her outside.


Q: Can I be in the photos too?

A: Definitely! I love capturing the special bond between pet and owner. If you and/or your family would like to be in the photos with your pets, please indicate this in your online questionnaire when making your booking.
Please note: my specialty is pet photography, thus  the focus will always be on your pets. If you are looking for someone to take family photos, please let me know and I can recommend you a professional.


Q: How do I prepare for the session?

A: Upon booking we will have our pre-session consultation to talk about what you would like to get from your session. You will also receive my e-Magazine with all the information necessary regarding your session and the process: how to prepare your dog for outdoors sessions, what to wear, what things you have to bring etc.


Q: What if the weather is bad on the day?

A: The quality and style of my images rely on abundant natural sunlight or sometimes better, a slightly cloudy day. If the weather isn't agreeable (rainy, snowing, threat of storms or generally unstable weather) we will probably need to reschedule the session to another day. We also might need to reschedule if it is very windy or excessively hot, to preserve the comfort of your pet.

When you book, we'll discuss backup days so there will always be a Plan B. Please be patient with the rescheduling process, as the better the weather is, the more beautiful your images will be.


Q: My dog has to be on leash at all times. I don't want to see the leash or myself in the photos. What can we do?

A:  The leash quite often or in most cases, can be removed in Photoshop. If the leash just shows a bit and it's fast to retouch, I'll do it at no extra cost so it's my goal to only present you the best. 
However, on those cases where the leash is very visible then is considered extensive retouch and the price starts at $50/hour in quarter-hour increment.  I can also remove collars, dirt and hair from clothes etc...


Q: What’s the difference between Fine Art Sessions and the other sessions?

A: The Fine Art sessions are the ultimate combination of art and photography.

The main difference is a hi-art versus a more natural setting or action setting approach. Note the Fine Art Gallery, and you'll notice the photo's capture a mood, personality traits that very well could be a piece of art. Fine Art session process takes longer. Not only in planning and designing a custom session, but also the post- production time involved.
The Fine Art session is designed to focus on colors and composition; with the aesthetic goal of creating very strong images.
Lastly, the retouch process is also a very delicate step, where I have to match the customer’s vision with my artistic style.
My Lifestyle sessions, instead, are more action oriented. It might be capturing your dog catching a toy, being playful, jumping in the air or perhaps photographed with a stunning background. In much the way you live a certain lifestyle. So does your pet. These sessions are meant to capture his or her personality.


Q: What is the model and property release for?

A: A model release is a legal release typically signed by the subject of a photograph (in this case the owner of the pet) granting permission to publish the photographs in one form or another.


Q:  How do I book?

A: Give me a call at (424) 835 1698 or click here to send me a message. Your session fee will be requested in advance of your session in order to secure your chosen time and date.



Unexpected things happen.

A: Cancellations made prior to 15 days of the shoot are refundable. Cancellations made less than 1 week prior the shoot are non-refundable but the session can be rescheduled at any time.
In the unlikely event that the dog passes away before the session, the money will be refunded.



  • The session fee is for time and talent of the photographer and does not include digital files, prints or any other products.
  • To reserve your day, 100% of the session fee is due at the time of the booking.
  • All products pass a quality control process by Frame Your Pet. 
  • Sessions are available from Monday to Saturday. There is an additional fee of $50 for Sundays or National Holidays.
  • Travel fees apply for locations located beyond a 15 mile radius of 90404 (Santa Monica).
  • Additional pets or people are added at $25 per person/pet.
  • 9.5% California state tax is added to all products.
  • Rates are subject to change at any time and without notice.


I love to travel. So don't let distance stop you from contacting me. If you live outside Los Angeles, just call me at (424) 835 1698 to discuss further.

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