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A beautiful portrait is often only as good as it’s presentation. It’s important to invest and consider the proper framing to display your new work of pet art. I offer a wide range of creative mounts designed to decorate your home or office for a lifetime.

All mounting materials are available in different sizes, finishing and of course, different prices too! During our post-consultation session, I’ll bring samples of different mounts, so you can touch, feel and envision how you might like to see the final piece(s). We’ll study different finishes and materials to help give you a clearer picture of the final result.


Mounting to plexi produces professional glass reprints you will be proud to hang in your home, office, or even an art gallery.

Plexi is a type of acrylic that we chose to use because of the superior results it gives when we print to this medium. Because of our high standards, we insist on using only the best plexi products available. It is a wonderful alternative to printing on canvas giving equally qualitative but completely different results.




I start the production by printing on a high-end gallery paper. This delicate process allows me to control the outcome of the various inks used. This additional step produces amazing results. Finally, the last piece of this process is mounting the portrait onto aluminum. You can figure, that you will become the proud owner of a unique frame to host your special portrait.

Print mounted on aluminum with back frame.

Print mounted on aluminum with back frame.

Bamboo mounting

An affordable, eco-friendly and very stylish alternative to typical framing. Your images are mounted on a sustainably harvested solid bamboo panel giving it a contemporary look. Built in mounting ready. This is also available with black borders for a more elegant look.  

Bamboo front and back.

Bamboo front and back.


Designed to give a museum gallery effect in your home or office. This is the most traditional way of framing artwork.  The standard depth is 1½ inches and the image is visible (wrapped) on the sides. The canvas piece is provided with a hanging hardware attached. 

Wrapped canvas.

Wrapped canvas.

Metal prints

Designed to give the print a truly unique look and feel. As opposed to printing a High-End photo paper onto aluminum, printing directly on aluminum represents a new art medium for preserving photos by infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets. Because the image is infused into the surface and not on it, the images take on a magical luminescence. The detail and resolution of each print is unsurpassed and final piece is absolutely breathtaking.

Best of all, this type of mounting will last longer than conventional framing materials.  

For the final touch you can choose between satin or gloss finish.

For that ultimate modern look, have your prints infused directly on aluminum.  Aluminum back frame to make the print pop up from the wall.

For that ultimate modern look, have your prints infused directly on aluminum.

Aluminum back frame to make the print pop up from the wall.


When you desire to have the best images taken from your session, Albums are a great addition to your collection. Printed on fine art photo paper; the images are crisp clear and will complete your collection of custom art. You can choose from a variety of sizes and finishes for the cover. 




Many clients desire not only various art pieces for different rooms, but different ways to showcase the photos. This is known as a collection. During our post session consultation we'll discuss what you have in mind and I'll show you all the available options to choose the ones that best suits your needs.

Would you like to see how a finished art piece would look in your home? Visit the Wall Art section to see some examples and start getting inspired. 

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