For every session SOLD, FRAME YOUR PET will donate 1 session to a shelter



In 2005, I started to volunteer in a private shelter in my hometown in Spain. The old couple had limited money and there was a big problem: more dogs were coming in than going out.

Without a website and without a camera to promote the adoptable dogs and cats, I decided to help.

I started to take photos of the dogs in the wild, one at a time, posting the pictures on different websites to find them a home. The response was immediate. Each dog I photographed found a loving family in a short period of time. Even the most difficult ones. I was showing the bright side of each one. 


I discovered that 1 good photo could save 1 life.

In 2013, I founded FRAME YOUR PET, a fine art pet photography service with a core mission of helping rescued animals through my craft.

By end of 2018 FRAME YOUR PET has helped more than 200 dogs find a home, but together, we can save even more lives. 
For each Gift Certificate you buy, I’ll donate 1 session to a shelter. BUY ONE, SAVE ONE.

If you don’t want to buy a Gift Certificate, you can still donate.


Redeeming Gift Certificates

  • Gift Certificates cannot be redeemed for cash and has no cash value.

  • You may buy/use more than one Gift Certificate at a time.

  • If the amount of your order exceeds the value remaining on the Gift Certificate, the redeemer will be required to pay for the balance.

  • Travel fees apply for locations located beyond a 20 mile radius of 90404 (Santa Monica).

  • Additional pets or people are added at $50 per pet.

Cancellation / Non-Expiration of Gift Certificates / No Fees

  • Recipient Cancellations: Gift Certificate purchaser can cancel the Gift Certificate within 30 days of the purchase date and have funds refunded to the purchaser. Gift Certificate recipients cannot redeem the Gift Certificates for cash.

  • Will not be replaced if lost or stolen and is non-refundable.

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