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“Alicia is the REAL DEAL, GUYS! She's a lovely human who applies that spirit and empathy into her photography, which is why her work looks so different from everyone else's. Seriously, take a look at her portfolio. It's not just beautiful to look at, it makes you feel like you're in the photos themselves.
I am echoing everyone else in saying that Alicia is warm and professional from beginning to end, but her compassion is what stands out the most.
The finished album is simply gorgeous. Thank you Alicia for helping my sweet girl finally get the celebrity treatment she deserves, after all her years of hardship. Now we have perfect snapshots of Harriet at her most loved, which is how we always want to see her. :)”

Cheryl C


"I can't say enough good things about Alicia and her amazing talent! If I could rate her extra stars I would in a heart beat!

I have been looking around for a pet photographer for a while for my 11 year old border collie mix. It was really important to me to get some beautiful photos of him that truly captured his lively spirit and unique personality. I looked around quite a bit, and Frame Your Pet stood out from every other photographer I looked at. 

Each photo was so unique and so special that I had a really difficult time choosing which ones I wanted to order (ideally, I want all of them, but I don't have that much wall space haha). Alicia was super helpful during this process too, helping me select the best photos for where I wanted to hang them, the best sizes, and the best materials to get the look I was seeking to achieve. 

I don't even think this review can accurately describe how immensely grateful I am for Alicia and her incredible talent. She is a wonderful person and a fantastic artist. I cannot recommend her highly enough. THANK YOU ALICIA for everything you did for us!!"

Marie A.


"Alicia is an absolute DREAM to work with... and an incredibly talented one at that!
From the start, Alicia was easy going, friendly, confident and professional... all making it feel easy and natural to trust her instincts and suggestions. She has an incredible eye for natural lighting and dimensions, and although I had believed this to be true, once I received the finished photos, I still was completely blown away at what she was able to capture that I hadn't even noticed being there. Most importantly, she was very patient with Lucy and the challenges of photographing a petrified pup."

Virginia H.


"I was looking for a photographer that takes gorgeous pet pictures to give as a present for my husband for his birthday.  He loves photography and I knew I needed someone who does exceptional work in order for him to be satisfied.  Our older dog is starting to slow down a lot and I really wanted to get some pictures of him for us to have.  Alicia was great to work with.  She took the time before our shoot to ask lots of questions about our dogs.  The pictures turned out just perfect - she really captured both of our pups personalities and the pictures are something we will treasure forever."

Shoshana H.

Tuna (the most famous dog in the world)

Tuna (the most famous dog in the world)

"I reached out to Alícia a few months ago, knowing she wasn't taking any more clients because she was on maternity leave. I figured I'd never get a response back, but I got a response on the same night!! (…)
She was very sweet, accommodating, and of course, talented. The location she chose didn't wow me at first, but I trusted her choice and the pictures turned out great! I really wanted to capture the two very different personalities of my dogs and I think she did just that. She specifically asked what I wanted to capture and I appreciate her caring what I wanted besides the beautiful faces of my babies.

The photos were ready in a week! Super fast considering how busy she is and I know some photographers will take weeks to get pictures out to their clients.
These pictures will be treasured forever for as long as I live."

Judy W.

"Working with Alicia has been the best experience my husband and I have ever had with a photographer.  One thing specifically that separates her from the rest is her attention to detail.  She is very professional and talented while maintaining a genuinely positive demeanor throughout. We described what kind of photos we were hoping to achieve and she went above and beyond our expectations.  We now have beautiful pieces of art to display in our home forever.  She did a wonderful job of capturing our fur-children and their personalities.  I teared up while watching the photo slideshow because it was so touching to see our love as a family emanating through every single photo.  These photos are so special to my husband and I.  I can not say enough good things about our experience with Alicia."

Amber K.

Zoe & Amber

Zoe & Amber

Myla & Arshad

Myla & Arshad

Miller & Tabbetha

Miller & Tabbetha

"Alicia did a phenomenal job with my dog, Miller's photos.  She knew exactly how to capture the landscape along with my dog's personality.  Not only that but she turned around the photo files in the same day, remarkably fast.  My dog instantly bonded with her and felt comfortable playing and being himself around her.  She was also really flexible with scheduling and communicating as well.  I have never had my dog photographed before, but without a doubt if I did it again I would hire Alicia.  

She was amazing.  I really can't say enough about her."

Tabbetha P.

"I don't even know where to start with the pure talent!!! 

I met Alicia at the 145th Anniversary celebration for the San Francisco SPCA and Alicia generously offered to lend a hand and give our volunteers tips and tricks to getting their best shot.  I had no idea at that time how much impact she would soon have.  

Working with Alicia on our first photo shoot I realized she was the REAL DEAL.  Her photos are hands down the best I have ever seen! She is very engaging, vivacious, flexible and tenacious-- all things necessary for photoing animals!  

We noticed an immediate response to the new and improved photos and there is no question Alicia has saved lives with her photos! 

Look no further.  If you want the best of the best, you have found her"

Amanda Newquerk - SPCA's Event Coordinator

Shelter photography by Frame Your Pet for SPCA.  This photo helped Snow to find a home.

Shelter photography by Frame Your Pet for SPCA.
This photo helped Snow to find a home.





"When you consider your pets your children like I do, there is nothing better than having amazing photographs of them to treasure and share. Thanks to Alicia, I have the most spectacular, not to mention artistic pictures of my two boys (Sphynx cats).  

She really has an artistic eye and your pics will not just be run of the mill portraits of your pet.  

She was super laid back, down to earth and easy to work with.  She was very patient which helped my boys remain calm and act more natural in their own environment.  

I really felt like she loved them which helped the whole experience be a positive one. Not to mention how speedy I got my pictures.  

I would highly recommend Alicia to anyone, you will not be disappointed."

Tara J. 


"Alicia is very professional, fun and easy to work with.  She is a great listener and offered up suggestions and tips about the session during our pre-shoot consultation a week before the actual shoot.  I had expressed my desire that I'd love to have my pup shoot with his littermate, and she was open to the idea as well so we were able to add that in by upgrading our package!  I know how hard it is to take photos of just ONE pup, so I could only imagine how hard it would be to be shooting photos of TWO!  

I would highly recommend Alicia and Frame Your Pet if you want beautiful photos of your furry family member.  

Thanks again Alicia for such a fun photo-shoot!"

Katie C. 





"Dear Alicia,

Thank you very much for photographing Akame. This dog seems like it was born to be a princess... you did a wonderful job, it really is amazing.

I don´t have enough adjectives to describe the work you did with Akame, to me, it's just professional (in all aspects).

A big kiss... And again THANK YOU"

Magaly S. & Steve S.


Boris & Milla

Boris & Milla

"Alicia took great natural photos of our Siberian cats- Boris and Milla.  The cats really took to her, which is usually hit or miss with other people. The photo session was quick and she took great photos of them as they moved around the apartment in their natural setting taking photos of them from ground level and the cats POV. Nothing was staged, which is great. The cats looked beautiful in the shots. We would recommend Frame Your Pet if you are looking to treat yourself to beautiful photography of your pet"

Cat. R


"Alicia is truly amazing. I reached out to her after learning that my dog Harry, my best friend in the world, had less than two months to live. While I didn't wholeheartedly believe the vet's diagnosis, I realized that our time together was nearing an end and I wanted great photos to remember him by. Because I knew these would likely be Harry's last photos, I was very selective about the photographer I chose. While I looked at other photographers, I am so happy I went with Alicia. Alicia was great with Harry and my other senior dog, Elly! She took extra time to make sure they were comfortable and never pushed them to be more active than they could be. Alicia was able to capture Harry and Elly looking strong, happy and playful - no easy feat with two black, 13+ year old dogs. 

One week after our photo session, Harry passed away. The pictures Alicia took are absolutely priceless to me. On top of taking fabulous pictures, Alicia was so compassionate and supportive about Harry's illness and passing. If you are looking for a photographer that can truly connect with both you and your animal, I highly recommend contacting Alicia!"

Kelly M.


Harry & Kelly Their last photo together before he passed away.

Harry & Kelly
Their last photo together before he passed away.



"My dog is very important in my life and I wanted to honor her with a professional photo session.

My idea was to print the photos and decorate my living room with some photos of Maui (that's my girl!). I've checked other pet photographers in SF but I was looking for something different... and then I stumbled upon Frame Your Pet. It was exactly was I was looking for!

Alicia not only captured Maui's personality, she also made the shoot a really good time. The experience was amazing and now I have a beautiful collection of candid shots.

The quality of the photos is outstanding and what I like best is that the photos make me admire even more how special and unique my dog is. I knew she was pretty but now I can show her off with the art wall I made out of the pictures I purchased.

I couldn't be happier!"

Elizabeth C. 

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