Alicia quickly demonstrated to me why she’s a professional with her proven methods, her gift in relating to animals, and her artistic eye.
— Dan C.


With my art, I’ll show you how unbelievably BEAUTIFUL & ELEGANT your pet is.

Why choose Frame Your Pet?

If you have checked other pet photographers, you may be wondering, why should I choose Frame Your Pet? 
It would be fair to say, all things are not created equal.
I dream BIG and I want you to as well. I aim to offer you a unique tailored experience. When you book me you are not only booking a photographer, you are booking your own artist to create the most special art piece you'll ever have. You are booking an experience. Hiring me is the best investment you can make, because as a pet lover myself I understand how much your dog, cat or horse means to you. I can guarantee you that with my art, I'll show you how unbelievably beautiful and elegant your pet is. 


What makes Frame Your Pet unique?

The answer is EVERYTHING. I pride myself on offering the best service and products I can, from start to finish. As an artist, I really try to push the limits of my creativity and imagination to offer a completely different approach than the traditional pet photography. I love animals and photography and there is nothing more beautiful and stunning than powerful, tasteful images of something that you love.

That's why my Fine Art Sessions were created with UNIQUENESS in mind. It’s the ultimate expression of matching fine art with pet photography. I believe you will be hard pressed to find a photographer who combines my artistic eye with pet photography.
If you have a vision, an idea, a dream of elegant portraits of your pet, I'll design a one-of-a-kind session to create the most striking imagery of your beloved companion.


Private commission of beautiful Sphynx cat. On location cat photographer Alicia Rius.

Private commission of beautiful Sphynx cat. On location cat photographer Alicia Rius.


My artistic vision brought to you!

The artistic vision of your session is very important to me. 

You may have an idea in mind and you may be open to some creative suggestions. You might like the idea of something magical: your dog under the bed sheets with his snout out or a beautiful detail of your cat's eyes. Maybe your dog’s silhouette on top of a hill against the sunset, or a photo of him flying in the air while catching a ball. I can do anything, from very dynamic shoots to my most unique and aesthetic Fine Art Sessions.
With my talent and experience, empowered by your wishes, I can design the perfect session that will suit and enhance your pet’s personality and beauty.

I’m passionate about my job and I want you to be happy with every single element of your experience with me. This is my mission. 
Your pet deserves the best.


Modern dog photographer Alicia Rius of Frame Your Pet.

Modern dog photographer Alicia Rius of Frame Your Pet.

Experience the passion. Be different.

Give me a call at 415-832-0710 or contact me to discuss a Fine Arts Session or one of my other sessions to create a custom portrait to memorialize your beloved family member.  

You deserve the best. That’s why you are here. I look forward to meeting you and capturing magical moments in time.


Fine Art dog photography, Los Angeles.

Fine Art dog photography, Los Angeles.

Planning to have a professional photo shoot for your beloved dog or cat? Contact me now. I'd love to know more about what you have in mind.

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